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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lazing around Batam I

This will be another happening trip from the makan trip gang. We have been to the north and south, east and west of Malaysia searching for food and any attractions we could find. Still, we couldn't cover the whole of Malaysia, but at the moment, we are bored of Malaysia. We need something more exciting.

This time, we have decided to go overseas. Yes, you've read it right. O.V.E.R.S.E.A.S and the destination is the island down south, Pulau Batam. So far, all our trips were budget trips, and there's no exception for this overseas trip. 3 days 2 nights, and it only cost us less than RM350, which covered EVERYTHING!

Pulau Batam was once famous for their casinos, but since the close down of all those money making activities, Pulau Batam is now being more famous as the 2nd Wife island for the Singaporean guys.


Date : 7th March, 2009

We met up around 7am at Kajang and had breakfast at a restaurant nearby, called Hong Kong Pepper Soup, which was famous for their pepper soup.

We ordered some other claypot dishes which goes with rice. One of the dishes, called Foh Bao Yuk (火爆肉) (translate:Sautéed Pork) was so spicy, that your tongue will lose its senses after few pieces. Nevertheless, the dishes were all very appetizing.

After feeding all the hungry drivers and the participants of the trip, we started our journey down south which took us about 3 hours.

When we reached Johor, we went to Stulang Laut recommended by our friend to try out the mee rebus. Personally, I don't fancy mee rebus. But if I could finish the whole dish on my own, it was not bad at all.

Enjoying our mee rebusMee Rebus

We then parked our car at The ZON and took a ferry to Pulau Batam which cost us RM120 for a return ticket. The journey was about 1.5 hours, and if you are planning to have such a trip yourself, please be very careful with your luggage. I've lost my cap and goggles during the boat trip as I placed my luggage on the luggage area and I sat way in front. If you have a small luggage, carry it with you all the time, or else put a padlock, just in case.

Anyway, since I can't get back what I've lost, let's forget about it and just recall all the nice things during the trip.

The first nice thing we encountered in Batam, is OUR accomodation, Indah Puri Golf Resort!

We stayed at the ground floor, where the living room was directly facing the sea.

The house was fully furnished and decorated with simple English style.

What's best, was....It's FREE!

The place was actually owned by an English man, who is our organizer, George-the-GPSNavigator's sister's boyfriend. Sounds complicated? Doesn't matter, as long as we do not need to pay for anything.

In the evening, we went to the biggest mall in town, Nagoya Hill, to have our dinner at the food court and bought some ingredients for our BBQ session tomorrow. We ordered few local dishes, called Sundanese food, and shared among ourselves. For drinks, I didn't really know what is good, but according to George-the-GPSNavigator, Jeruk Kelapa is very nice in Indonesia. Jeruk Kelapa is citrus juice with Coconut meat. Nice!

After our dinner, we walked around the mall before heading down to the supermarket department. During our time in the mall, we have experienced blackout for 5 times, in just a few hours. Batam is a poor town and most roads are not well lit. Not sure if that's the reason behind the blackouts.

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