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Monday, May 25, 2009

The Office Gremlin (Part 2)

Since the first day Gremlin stepped into the office, everyone commented how talktative she was. That comment was neither a compliment nor a critic. It's just a first impression in which we thought it was normal being a salesperson. Eventually, our impression turned ugly when she talks more than she should.

Hate might be a big word. And probably I don't even dislike her. I'm just annoyed. My ignorant level is usually being set higher than the people around me, but what triggered me to write this post (and the previous) was not because of how annoying she is. But I'm starting to doubt how can she work as a salesperson when she talks like a bullet train and the unclear pronounciation leaving everyone with thousands of question marks at the end of her talk.

There was one day, 5 of us in a car with our big boss from Hong Kong who obviously can't speak any Malay. While looking at the Malay roadsigns, our boss curiously asked us how are they pronounced.

Boss : How do you pronounce that? Setepek? (Pointing to Setapak roadsign)
(Few of us trying to correct him while teaching him some basic rules of how Malay words are pronounced but someone interfered...)
Gremlin : That's a Malay word. See, here we have few languages written. Sometimes English. But that one is a Malay word. We learnt Malay in school...bla bla bla...That's a Malay word.

Look, if a salesperson can't even answer an easy question properly, how can we expect the customers to understand what we sell and what we can offer? Which customer will be convinced to buy our product if our salesperson can't answer their questions correctly? If there's no customers, there won't be any sales, hence, the company won't have any profit and who is going to pay our salaries?

Customer : What does your system do?
Gremlin : See, in the technology world, we have software and hardware. We are selling software, not hardware.
Customer : OK. So, what does your software do?
Gremlin : It's a software, to be installed into your server. It can be Unix or Windows. Doesn't matter. If you want Windows, you need to get someone to restart the server every now and then.
Customer : Why is that so?
Gremlin : It's a Windows built-in feature. To show their uniqueness.

I'm worried, seriously.

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