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Monday, March 22, 2010

Digi, very tedious Yellowman

I've switched my phone line recently. From the Big M, I now have Yellowman following me wherever I go.

I'm a loyal person. I am not someone who's looking for changes when I'm so used to using it. But recently I have an offer from Digi to sign up their ambassador line with no minimum call charges and what attract me the most is the data plan of RM29/month for 2 years.

And so I've changed and I started setting up all the services that I need. The next day I've activated my line, I was chatting (online) with their customer service to activate my International Roaming service.

Guess what? He told me, "For Roaming activation you will have to walk in to Digi centre with your International passport for activation". The chat after that wasn't pleasant anymore cause I kept on complaining how inconvenient it'll cause me.

Their reason for this is for security purposes. Now, honestly, if I can prove that I'm the owner of the line, why do they have to care if I have any legal documents to travel around? They are just trying to make our life harder by applying such troublesome step to activate our roaming service.

Darn the Yellowman!

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