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Monday, March 22, 2010

New Company Wrong Companions?

Many of my friends don't really know about the fact that I have (again) changed to a new job. This was not meant to be a secret move, but it was a short notice. I got the offer and here I was 1 week after that. I'm now stepping into my 2nd week of work here, and I'm still in the process of getting used to the culture here.

I've been with different companies for the past few years and people seems to act differently in different companies. Some knows how to enjoy life and some will put savings as priority.

The first day when I came to this company, I went to lunch with 5 ladies. Fyi, they are not old. Most of them are below 30. 1 of them is going for maternity leave the next day. 1 of them is pregnant for 5 months. 2 of them are married with kids. Over the 1 hour lunch break, I got to learn a lot, especially things about getting married, giving birth and growing up a baby . It was informative, really. But after joining them for the next few days, it became TOO informative.

I think I'm mixing with the wrong group.

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