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Sunday, May 23, 2010

The first biz trip

From the first day I joined my new company 2 months ago, I was assigned to handle a project in Singapore dealing with the casino. Project schedule has not been smooth since and my trip was again and again being postponed. From the pre-planned 3 months stay in Singapore, everything seems to be uncertain for not having the mutual agreement.

My team was sent to Singapore for 4 days from March 13th to 16th to study slightly in depth on the project.

Though it was only 4 days trip, I will always try to find time to catch up with my girlfriends whenever I'm in Singapore.

We continued to have a drink at Clinic, in Clarke Quay, and had all the weird drinks. Honestly, I think the drinks were pretty bad there.

Despite the drinks, I had a great time with them and miss them so much!

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