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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Freaky Japanese affections...*yikes*

Kengo-the-Jap was in my flat today to use my internet connection. He showed me some Japanese stuff. Japanese has always been a very unique country to me. I always believe that the way they live their life is so shockening fascinating.

Exactly how much do you know about Japanese society? Other than the darn expensive living style, there might be some hidden details about Japanese that you might not know. Let's name a few here...

  1. Tatoo

    Ok, for me, tattoo is not that freaking, it exists everywhere in the world. Mafias in Japanese will most likely, or maybe it's a custom, to tattoo their body, and the picture of the tattoos are mostly related to godness or luck.

    Tattoo is like a symbol that represent your participation in mafia gang. When we are stopped by police traffic, we are asked to present our driving licence. When a mafia is stopped by another mafia, they will show their tattoo. In short,

    Tattoo = Mafia's membership card
    Emperor's Guardian Toukou

    Longmen Falls
    Nine-tailed Fox

    The higher the ranking of a person in the mafia gang, the more tattoo he/she has all over their body. So, what do you expect a big big boss to look like???



    Freaking level :

  3. Men with Brassiere

    What is brassiere? According to, brassiere means a WOMAN's undergarment worn to support and give contour to the BREASTS.

    I suppose or the normal society are just not as creative as compared to Japanese.

    Bra, other than to support the woman's breasts, it is also used to release the MAN's pressure or stress, according to some freaky Japanese

    Man : I am wearing bra
    I am 53 years old and I've been wearing bra for the past 35 years

    I've tried wearing gents' panties, but still I feel more comfortable with ladies' panties
    Look at my ladies' panties collection

    Can you notice this guy is wearing a bra?
    I'm always riding motorcycle. Bra is a necessity to me

    Bra's fans club meeting
    You don't believe I'm wearing bra? I'll prove it to you


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  5. Selling USED underpants

    Do you know what is underpants? Maybe I shouldn't use the word 'underpants'. It's PANTIES. This sounds more obvious?

    This is not my first time hearing this thing, but I didn't know their business could expand so much that it's now selling through the internet. This means that you can buy the thing online with your credit card and get the panties delivered to your house door.

    Although this is not really a porn site, it will still consider the under-age people. And the normal question will still be shown on the first page.

    When you click "NO", do you know where they will take you too? HERE


    There are a lot of different categories of panties for you to choose, eg. Office Ladies' Lunch, married women, University students, etc. Different categories will have different price.

    Price varies with the level of dirtiness of the panties as well. And it's really freaking expensive. I'm sure this is a very good business for the girls. Maybe I should start doing such business too.

    To start the business, I need to study their business strategies too. They are trying to attract more customers, by giving some promotions, where you will get a picture of the girl and a letter written by her, if you buy her panties. This will help the imaginations of some perverts out there. *vomit* ...Ok, look what I can offer to you, apart from what they are offering, I'll give you 50% discount too, deal? Not enough? Ok, by paying extra RM10, I'll give you her bra that she has worn for 10 days that has never been washed, satisfied?'s so hard to satisfy the man nowadays.

    One of the advertisement that comes with promotions

    The system work with first-come-first-serve basis. If you are interested, don't think much, grab it as soon as possible. Else...

    Gomen nasai...Your favorite panty has sold out


    Alright, alright...the more I write here, the more I feel like writing porn, rather than blog. I must stop now.

    Anyone who is interested after my short introduction of it, could mail me for the direct site address, ok? With one condition, you must be able to prove that you are above 18 years old before I could send you the link. Kids below 18, please obtain your parental consent.

    But trust me, it's not really nice to buy such things through that website...get from me. 50% and bras...ok?

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