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Saturday, December 24, 2005

X'mas eve in ~Hungary~

It's Christmas Eve !!!

While everyone is so excited thinking about Christmas, I don't really feel the excitement in my heart.

"White Christmas should be awesome. What more when it's in Europe where everybody celebrate Christmas?" That is what I think initially before I came.

YES. Everyone here celebrate Christmas, even though they are not Christian. Christmas is the biggest celebration because they don't have other bigger festival like what we have in Malaysia, such as Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Deepavali, etc. Christmas for them is a time to remind their parents that they still have a son/daughter because they hardly go back to visit them over the year, a time to explode their wardrobe by stuffing in more clothes, and a it's a good excuse for them to run away from work or studies.

Christmas celebration here is not to go out and party with friends, having countdown with the Disco DJ, yelling as loud as you could to fight with the volume from the Disco's speaker, just to wish the person beside you "Merry Christmas", and lost your voice the very next day. Rather, it is a quiet celebration where you stay in the family house and become an obedient child for AT LEAST TWO days. It's not even a time for friends- reunion.

You know what I'm feeling now? It's like during Chinese New Year in Malaysia, everyone in the Capital, Kuala Lumpur, go back to their hometown and left some small amount of Kuala Lumpurian, some amount of non-Chinese (but these people will also go home, since it's holiday) and all the lonely foreigners. So, who am I? I'm like the foreigners stuck in Kuala Lumpur, walking on the street that can hardly see even a human shadow, which is usually full of people till you can't even walk straight. In Malaysia, when it's CNY, you can find other races like Malay and Indian to work. When it's Raya, you can find Chinese or Indian. But, in Hungary, when it's Christmas, every single Hungarian will celebrate it. So, who will look after their business? Most shops are closed, even the pubs or discos, thinking of countdown? Count in your heart. Maybe they should start hiring people like me, to serve other people like me TOO. Even if you found a place to go, you'll have to think of the way to go, because the usual public transportation will stop at 4pm and the rare night bus will start operating after that.

Luckily, I'm not a Christian. Luckily I don't really celebrate this day. Luckily....

What should I do at this Christmas eve? I'll be going to celebrate with all non-Christian non-Hungarian friends. I can't go clubbing but to just stay at people's house. All other non-Hungarian people went back to their own country for holidays and to celebrate Christmas. What left-over people here are just a few of us. I don't know how exciting can the house party be. But at least I could spend my free time.

No white Christmas, because I'm living in the city. Not even a drop of snow here in Budapest, but it's already 20cm snow in country side. *SHIT*. It was snowing a little bit yesterday, I hope it'll snow later today and tomorrow.

Christmas for the past few years have been special. Why? Cause I used to have a Santa-boy bf. Celebrating christmas will always come with celebrating his birthday. When the clock struck 12am sharp, while everyone cheering "Merry Christmas", I will wish him "Happy Birthday".

2 years ago, we had a house party at our Condominium in Kuala Lumpur to celebrate his Birthday and Christmas. I got so drunk as a consequence of the dice game. Well, not just me, Felicia and I got so drunk that we took turn to vomit in the toilet. When both of us stuck in the toilet at the same time, 1 will take the toilet bowl, and 1 to the basin. We always have enough room for 2 of us. And it ended up both of us lying side by side on my bed.

Well, those were the days. This will be the first year I'm not celebrating people's birthday and it'll be the same for the rest of the years, I guess.

Anyway, I would like to wish him Happy Birthday, although I know he's not reading this. Hope he'll have a marvellous birthday this year, without me.

I guess I need to get ready for the house party tonight. Got to catch the usual public transportation before it ends.


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