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Monday, December 26, 2005

The Oh-So-Common Christmas

During Christmas eve, we had so much discussions that it ended up to be sort of an international conference...

Christmas Eve Conference details:

Dress Code :Casual
Attendees :Survon
Martha-the-Hungarian (Don't ask me why there's a Hungarian here)
Purpose :To get crazy before Christmas

First, is the preparation of the dinner by the conference participant to the conference participant itself.

Now, get ready for the dinner. People say, must fill our stomach before we can do anything. So, the dinner starts...

Do you think you can finish all alone?
Let us help you finish the food
Put some music.."Jingle bell, Jingle bell.."

It was one of the best night we had. We chatted for a few hours till Christmas, about all the topics you could think of, from personal love life till the world peace. About your dream life partner till the economic of each country.

We actually discovered something special, where in Africa, people can have 14 children with 14 different gals, and you don't have to marry that person. Fabulous? And all the kids are left to the women to take care of. The guy can just f*ck and leave all the shits to the girls. What a shitty thing can this be? I can see some of the guys out there are smiling. I'm sure the human population in Africa will increase tremendously after this, because people LIKE YOU, (yeah, YOU, the one smiling over there) will all migrate to Africa.

After the party, we planned to visit a catholic church for a mess, but everyone was too tired and lazy to go. Ended up, I stayed overnight there...hehe

The next day, which is today, we walked around Budapest after we woke up, and you know what I saw?

What a freaky piece of art?

We tried to find some food for lunch but everything is closed and we are forced to go home to just cook pasta. Darn....Then we called some other gals to come over.

There were 3 Muslims and 1 Buddhist(me). It's the second part of the Christmas conference, but the topic was not Christian. This is the first time, I was hearing Muslims arguing about Islam among themselves. How they hate the rules, and one of them protected it. As this is a sensitive issue, it's better that I don't give much comment here. To Malaysian government out there, I did NOT participate in any of the Islam discussion here. I was all the time talking about how round the sun is and how blue the sea is.

After this kind of serious argument/debate, we watched "Shall we dance", and this make the people crazy and start dancing.

There were 4 of us. That leg represent one of us, but she's can't be inside the picture as she's not in tudung. So, please accept the leg
A Moroccon with a Turkish

I felt so small inside my heart when I saw them dancing. They tried to teach me dance as well, but you can never imagine. To learn Turkish or Arabic dance, it's like cutting your body into half. While you are shaking your upper body, you'll have to spin your ass at the same time. And sometimes, they shake their ass as if their ass are being electrify. I could easily strain my waist by doing that.

Belly dance? No way...

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