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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Japanese manner Military Training

Kengo-the-Jap is coming to my house quite frequent nowadays. No, we don't have affairs. He's here JUST to borrow my internet connection, since I have one line extra. He will be leaving Budapest soon, and when he's back to Japan, he'll be working with one of the biggest renowned company in Japan. The reason why he has to use the internet is because he has to surf the porn sites go through some online courses prepared by his future company.

There are a lot of lessons that you have to learn from this online course and after each chapter, there will be a test for it, and you'll have to pass all these tests before you could start working in the company.

Hundreds of chapters waiting for you to complete

One of the most interesting chapter that captured my attention was the 'Basic Manner'. Good manners are usually tought by our parents and teachers since small. We know how to be, or at least ACT to be polite. Other than Moral Studies that we had to do as a non-Muslim, we never really read or learn the manners, don't we? And when we leave our school life, with not even a single second of delay, we will throw away our bags, especially the Moral Studies, which we always think that's the most stupid subject.

In Japan, it's totally the opposite way. When you first step into the working world, the first think you have to do, is to learn these things.

Let's take a look of what is inside this 'Basic Manner' chapter..

  • If you were to work in Japan, you'll have to start changing your unique fashion style to the boring standardized fashion.

    Everyone will have almost the same appearance

  • If you were to work in Japan, you can save your money going to the hair-dresser.

    When I first left school, the first thing in my mind was not being forced to tie my pony tail hair anymore. That was such a release to my hair. I don't have to wake up early in the morning everyday, just to fix my hair. But, not in Japan.

    The length should be of considerable long, no dyeing

    For female, you must tie your hair if it's too long, and no dyeing as well

  • If you were to work in Japan, shopping will be much easier for you. You will only need to try 1 set of clothes and buy 5 sets of it.

    You'll need 4 to 5 neckties and put ONE necktie in the office as a spare, in case your enemy pour coffee on your tie. The color must not be striking and the pattern must be simple. No Daffy Duck nor Tazmania Devil!

    Do you know what is suits? According to

  • If you were to work in Japan, as a guy, you mustn't use tissue, but to start using handkerchief. For them, using handkerchief is more polite than tissue. And of course, it's more environmental friendly and trees will be able to live for another extra 10 years.

    Prepare at least 5 to 6 pieces of handkerchief and the pattern must be simple to reflect your professionalism

  • If you were to work in Japan, you'll have to start thinking about your standing and sitting posture as well.

    Guys cannot sit too sissy. Must have at least 1 or 2 fists distance between the knees and hands should put on your each laps holding a fist. Girls, as what you see on the picture.

    Guys, feet must be opened with 45˚, while girls will have to closed it. (Seems like a military training)

After going through this lesson, how many of you could really practise this kind of things in your life? Want to work in Japan? Think twice.

Another lesson in this course is to teach the correct way of bowing too. But I'm too tired to continue. I'll blog about it tomorrow.

Good nite...

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