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Friday, December 30, 2005

Mastering the Japanese bowing technique

As promised, today, I'll blog about the CORRECT way of bowing technique.

Bowing is NOT nodding your head, and you should NEVER nod your head when bowing. For them, it's stupid to bow and at the same time, nod your head. To bow, you will have to lock your head to the neck which will stick to your body, so that your head will be parellel with your upper body with your legs closed and your hands aligned on both side of your body.


How low should you bow, depends on the person you are greeting and the situation. Pictures below describes the angles.

5˚ angle is used when you meet your superior or clients OUTSIDE working environment. It is also applicable whenever you meet your indirect clients (ie. your colleague's client)

15˚ angle is used when you meet your superior or clients INSIDE working environment

30˚ angle is used for your big big big boss, with greetings. When you meet your can-never-be-trusted-CEO-which-always-act-to-be-a-busy-man , you'll have to bow with 30˚ and say Good Morning/Afternoon/whatever and stay at that position till your boss greet you back.

45˚ angle is used for highest respect with serious purposes like apologize, appreciation, sending people off, etc. It is also used during big occasions.


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