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Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Memories of 2005

Time flies extremely fast. It's already the last day of 2005.

Looking back, there were quite a lot of things happened in a year. Sweet and sour. Things that would make me smile from my heart when I recall, and things that would make me extremely angry that I would hope I had long-term memory loss.

I had a transition period from being attached to being single. From being in love to hatred. From caring to cursing. From the boring working life to the exciting jobless life. From one job to another. From Malaysia to Hungary. From blog reader to a blogger.

I am sure this would be one of my most exciting years of life.

While I was living in Malaysia at the beginning of the year, I was really glad to have a bunch of friends that I almost met everyday, like Faye-the-Chin, Lisan-the-Oral, Michelle-the-Belle, Szehoo-the-Cutey, Clif-the-Koksan, Sabrina-the-Mixed, Sauvoon-the-Yaris, Seng-the-Ooi. Of course, there are some people that joined in quite frequent like Alicia-the-Ballet, Chloe-the-Ho, Ashley-the-Siuyinchi, Jaze-the-Stylist. Coffee bean became our second home, K-Box became our meeting point, Y2K and WhereElse became our dance floor. When I think about those days, I suppose it was destiny. We know that Ipoh is not a place for us to stay, but somehow, everyone was stuck in Ipoh at the same time, which make our bond even stronger. Now, everyone is no longer in Ipoh. All of us are in different part of the world. I wonder when will we get together and hang out together again.

Penang trip
Genting trip
Fight Back to School
Cameron trip

About my work, nothing much I want to talk about. I know the company has given me a lot of opportunities, but I just couldn't accept that. I have to leave because I know exactly what I want. To my boss, thanks anyway and I am sure you understand what I am thinking. There's a colleague of mine which I really care about, the year has been so tough for you that you can't sleep every night because of the different problems that arise everyday. You have shared a lot of problems with me that no one else will ever know. Thanks for trusting me and I am glad that I could help you at that moment. No matter how, we have to make a decision and dragging is never a solution. I hope what I did, did not hurt you much, and hope the coming year will be lots better than what you've gone through this year. Whenever you are down, please remember what I always told you, tomorrow will be a new beginning. Get rest well, cause resting is for longer journey.

Thanks for those who sent me off, especially people I seldom met like Felicia-the-Beauty and Fish-the-Singer. Oh, and Engratia-the-Honey, you know a lot of my secrets..damn...

Now that I have come to another new world that I know nothing about, I get to know some good friends which I appreciate much. Some of my colleagues like Juan-the-Colombian, Edit-the-Singer, Misi-the-Firebird, Peter-the-Mudra. My best project leader like Gabor-the-Szabo. Some nice friends out there like Ewa-the-Polish, Erika-the-Zelfike. I don't think I could list out all the people.

My crazy colleagues

I know this will be a boring blog to most of you. Especially if the above things are unrelated to you. But, I just feel like writing it down as a memory for me of the year. I'm sure next year will also be another exciting year for me as I will be going back to Malaysia to settle down (if things work out as planned). I can't wait for that day !!

There are lots of photo which I actually wanted to post here, but I just pick a few memorable pics and most photos are during my stay at Malaysia, because...well, obviously, I miss Malaysia !!

Please forgive me for my sentence structure today, as I am actually surfering from headache as a consequence of watching too much movies for the whole day. I think I just broke my own record and I will go back to continue my record now.


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