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Friday, December 30, 2005

To have an achievable Resolution

It's the last working day of the year. 2005 will go and 2006 is arriving.

As my future is still uncertain, some how, I couldn't find my dream, the only dream which I could think of is my daydream. I don't have to search for my daydream, it has been living with me since childhood, it's part of my life.

While I am still searching for my dreams, I should start thinking of my new year resolutions. At this time, a lot of people are starting to think of the 2006 new year resolutions. What's mine?

What I could think of is to work harder next year. Be more hardworking, and finish all my tasks given by my project leader as soon as possible.

Hardworking. It's always easy to say than done. I'm not hoping to be the most hardworking staff, but if I could be a little bit more hardworking then now, that would be prefect.


To make things easier for me, and to make the resolution more achievable, I've decided on what I should do and this is the list of things I did for today :

  1. Waking up late today.
  2. MSN with some Malaysian friends which are suppose to be working, but still manage to steal 95% of the time to chat with me, while the boss is not around.
  3. Came to work at 11am.
  4. Check the mail for 30 minutes for the 2 new mails I received today because I read it over and over again, as a token of appreciation to the sender who wrote me the mail, and 1 of the mails is actually sent by myself from my personal email to my company's email, because I don't have time to read it at home.
  5. Read the online news for 1 hour and discover a new online recruitment website,, from The Edge. This would be useful when I go back to Malaysia.
  6. Just in time to go for lunch at 12:30.
  7. Back at 1:30, tried to start to do some work left by my project leader, which is having his holiday at his home now, but it was quite confusing and I think I'll just leave it for next monday, which is next year.
  8. Had some team-building session with people from other unrelated projects, like chatting, laughing and fooling around in the pantry. Everyone is very hardworking in doing this now.
  9. Sending some emails to plan about tomorrow's outing.
  10. Counting fingers as what Michelle-the-Belle always teach me. Hey, Mich, now I have 13 fingers, more than you by 0.5!
  11. Reading some other people's blog, but it seems like today's production rate is quite low.
  12. Writing this blog.
  13. Planned to go back at 6pm if I could slack for another 1 hour.
  14. The previous task is too difficult to achieve, so I'll go home NOW.

Based upon my hardworking level of this year,wow...I'm getting NEARER to achieve my resolution!!!

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