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Monday, January 02, 2006

Szia, 2005: Szia 2006 !!!

Finally, a lot of people has come back after the christmas celebration. Budapest is no longer a dead city and New Year Eve should never be a silent one. GREATTTT...

As there were too many of us, going to a pub or disco doesn't make sense. Instead, we went to a house party of one of the Aiesecers which none of us know, but we were invited by another Aiesecer. All of us had to wait at the metro station for some one to pick us up.

In the metro...

All of us were causing human traffic in the Metro

While waiting...

During house party...

I met the cutest guy, but...

The host requested 2 people to help her invite everyone to the party, and it ends up...

More than 30 people squeezed in a small flat

There were a lot of strangers in the party because the Polish trainee brought their Polish friends and the Croatian trainee brought their Croatian friends to celebrate the New Year in Budapest.

Then we had to rush out to the Parliament to watch the fireworks.

While waiting for bus...

Don't you think he's so cute with that little thing on his head?
(It was not Jan 1st, but my camera was 1 hour forward because I forgot to adjust it after the daylight saving and only realize it NOW)
Around 70% of the people in the bus was occupied by us with 30% are Croatian singing their football song
The Croation "football cheerleaders"

The time was tight, but we could still manage to reach the destination point 1 minute before midnight.


Obviously, I didn't get a nice view of it

Comparing this fireworks with what we had in Malaysia, I would give 5 out of 10. First, the location is not good enough because it's blocked by the buildings and the balded trees, but KLCC has a wide space for us to watch the fireworks. Second, the fireworks back in KLCC was simply more exciting.

It was freezing cold
Move your butt..Strain your muscles....
Together we stepped into 2006

SZIA 2006 !!!!!!!!

(Szia = Hello/Bye in Hungarian)

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