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Monday, February 27, 2006

Italy-Berlin Journal (Part V)

DAY 5 : 2006-02-06 Venice - Milan

Left Venice early morning for Milan. Ride on another train....again, for the last time in Italy.

Stupid Trenitalia! Our Intercity train was delayed for more than 15 minutes (because of the heavy snow) and they were suppose to repay us or something. What they asked us to do was to put our ticket in a given envelope, write our name and address and put in a box in which they 'claim' that they will send some bonus to us. Probably it will be some discount voucher for our next ride. Yeah, if we will come to Italy again for the next ride. But still, we did what we were told and till now, we didn't receive anything from them YET (as expected). Liar!

If you are looking for some sight-seeing in Milan, you will surely be disappointed. To better identify Milan, it's one big giant luxury shopping complex. Shopping heaven? Yes, Milan could be the most wonderful heaven on earth, but at the same time, it could be your worst nightmare, your misery HELL.


To feel Milan as a heaven, you will have to fulfill one of the following criterias...

  1. You must be a rich tai-tai that have a 'mountain of gold' which will keep refilling itself.
  2. You could hack Uncle Lim's Genting Casino and come out with a solution...Guarantee Win scheme.
  3. You are one of the boss of the branded shops around that customers walk-in and spare their money in your shop like money ain't money anymore (if so, I bet you must be laughing till your lower jaw touches the ground).

Me? Everything crossed in front of my eyes, had a sign written "See no touch, once broken, your account will shoot to infinity, towards the other way", subconsciously. Milan is heaven or hell? You tell me.

I tried to search for some affordable(for me) shops to soothe my wallet. And we ended up...


If only this is mine...

I bet you can never smell my exhaust pipe gas!

If only this is installed in my 'Strawberry 300'...

I'm taking this back...
I don't care!

For Ferrari-geek..

€1,100 for each!!! Money is flowing like water nowadays (at least for some of us)

The cheapest place to be around will be the Duomo Square...

*Gosh*...I hate Milan with empty wallet.

Anyone want to make me a rich Tai-tai??? Offer is now open. Promotion is on. Sales. Get ME! Get ME!

[To be continued...]

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