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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Italy-Berlin Journal (Part VI)

DAY 6-8 : 2006-02-07 -> 2006-02-09 Milan - Berlin

Berlin is considered one of my favourite city. One reason is, because they speak German. It sounds much easier for me. Thought I could understand minimal Deutsch.

There was once we were at a junction and we couldn't find the road in the map. I prompted a pass-by lady and asked...

Welche stra├če ist das? ('Which street is this?')
Wir sind hier. ('We are here' while pointing on the map)

Didn't my questions sound easy enough?? And what I expected was that she'll point to the street in the map. But alas, I asked 2 questions, she answered in 20 complicated sentences in slanged German. How could she expect a beginner like me to understand her? From some words I could pick up and her gesture, she herself seems not to be aware of the road name and she couldn't read the map. I should have forgiven her, as a local, how often do you look at the map?

Anyway, 3 days in Berlin, nothing much happened. After travelling for so many days, all of us got fed up looking at the map. And so, we took the easy way out. Joint the Berlin Walk. Though it's not cheap, but we didn't regret it cause the tour guide was really funny and informative. We knew much more about Berlin. There were always a story to tell about every infrastructure, even a small ordinary metro station.

The funny tour guide, but I forgot his name.
Brandenburg Gate
Berliner Dom

Above is a picture of the luxury Hotel Aldon. You have never heard about it? I bet you still remember Michael Jackson first displayed his baby out a hotel balcony.

The hotel is now more famous than ever before this incident. I wonder how much they are paying Michael Jackson for that. hmmm.....

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