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Friday, February 24, 2006

Italy-Berlin Journal (Part IV)

Feel so stupid having writing my trip in so many parts till I don't have much chance to write about other things. But heck, no time, man...

DAY 4 : 2006-02-05 Venice

Early morning, at 7 something, we took the earliest train to Venice St. Lucia and left the scary Venice Mestre station that we have spent for one freaky night. *phew* The worst day of the trip has passed.

Upon arriving the station, we sent 2 of us out to search for hostel. Cause our bags were too heavy to carry around and outside was too windy and cold. Me? Of course I'll stay at the station to take care of the bags.

The weather was.....extremely cold and kidding...I can prove with my Vidal Sassoon advertisement.

We waited for 2 hours in the train station. Thanks to the EXCELLENT house numbering system.

If you reach at the house number 3 and number 2 is on your left, where is number 4?

If you say on your right, you are absolutely WRONG!

Do not be fooled by the address given to you in Venice. The house number written in the address are only for IDENTIFYING the house and not to SEARCH for the house. They are arranged in a way that you could NEVER find your destination.

Venice is a very small city and it's mostly covered by sea. With 2 hours, you can almost walk from top to bottom visiting each and every corner of Venice, and YET, they could not find the hostel we wanted to stay.

Just when we were thinking where to stay, a guy approached us offering a hotel for 6 of us for 20€/person. Eh, sounds reasonable. Ok ler...sapu aje lah... Save energy.

Other than the canals, there weren't much things to see in Venice. Only some fancy stuff.

'If you go to Venice, you must try out the Gondola', that was what everyone told me.

Though it's a bit expensive, but still, we gave it a try...

As you know, Gondola = Venice's tourist attraction. Riding on the gondola means being PART of the attraction.

The ride was about 40 minutes and we were the ONLY gondola WITH tourist in the whole Venice. Darn silly, man. While I was enjoying Venice's morning breeze on the gondola, I caught thousands of eyes on the bridge or on other boats were eyeing on us. Some even took a picture of us.

"OOiii, make sure I look nice, ok? Not nice, must delete!"
"Wait, I haven't put on my make up..."
"Ok, I'm ready."

All the buildings in Venice are built closed to each other, so there are a lot of narrow passage.

No cars in this area. ONLY boats and gondola with fetching idiots like us.

During the night time, you can only walk along the passage..

Basilica San Marco

Nothing much to comment about Venice. Just one word.

C-O-L-D !

[To be continued...]

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