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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

We sleep together

Ever since I'm back from my Italy-Berlin trip, there is one person who sleeps with me every night. Who? My roommate LAH! What were you thinking?

She arrived to Budapest while I was away for my Italy-Berlin trip. She was suppose to work in the same company as I do.

When I arrived to Budapest from my flight, I went straight to my office....Yup, I know. I'm hardworking.

As I've never met my new roommate, I tried to ask around who and where is she. The first answer I got was...

Oh, she's in the hospital.

My reaction was....

Reason, unknown YET.

The truth was only revealed after asking a few people around. She was NOT in the hospital but resting in my own flat. Gosh...scare the hell out of me....¤@¶#©^¥§É4¢əڰдЖ6┼☼ (Don't worry. There's nothing wrong with your text encoding. Just my heart swearing out loud)

So, here's the story, there was one girl came all the way to Budapest from Romania to work in my company. The first day she arrived, hmmm....was quite excited. The second day, she was resting at home, trying to adapt the new flat which was once dominated by ME. First day of work was her third day in Hungary. To celebrate that, she followed some co-workers for skating on that very evening.

And then, she gave herself a welcome gift, by breaking her leg.

If you could listen to my tone while expressing here, no, I'm not being sarcastic. I felt pity for her.

From that day onwards, she was staying in the flat the whole day. The only chance she could leave the flat, was when she need to visit the hospital. It lasted for 3 weeks.

Now that she could walk a little, she was eager to go out to explore the mysterious Budapest which she has been residing for 3 weeks.

I brought her out on Saturday night, just to let her feel the night of Budapest.

Sorry for the low quality picture

Allow me to introduce my new roommate, Simona-the-Roommate in Plaster of Paris from Romania in Hungary.

I don't know how long will I be having her as my roommate, cause she is still considering to continue here as a staff, or back to Romania as she has another offer back there.

No matter what, hope she'll recover soon.

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