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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Happy International Women's Day

8th of March, sounds like normal day to me, at first.

Throughout my journey to work, I was trying to puzzle over the sudden existence of the street-florists everywhere.

Valentine's Day?...just past.

It was only till the security guard in the company wished me 'Happy International Women's Day' that I recognise this very special day - International Women's Day. And so it is.

If you ask me what's so special about this day? I would say it's just another commercialized day created by the florists to sell their flowers which were left over after the Valentine's Day.

But as a girl, myself, how could we ever reject flowers??

That doggie is merely for display.
It has nothing to do with this day.

Someone even sent me a virtual flower. I guess the florist will have to come out with a better idea or else their business will be monopolized by the virtual world anytime soon.

Talking about virtual world, it seems like more and more things are being 'virtualized' nowadays.

A : I would like to order a Hawaian Pizza, please.
B : Sure, just drop by at our website and it'll be delivered to your screen soon.
A : But I don't want any pineapple, ham and cheese.
B : No problem, just goto Edit->Preferences->Configuration and click on the Ingredients tab.
A : Yikes....why are you putting strawberries on it?
B : Oppss...sorry m'am, those are spams from your Internet Explorer. Maybe you could try using Mozilla Firefox? It has even some extra plugin firewall which maintain the original spice of your pizza.
A : Okay, but the portion is too big. Can I take away?
B : Of course. What's your email?


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