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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Getting religious?

Temple, someone would say it's a place of worship. But nowadays, it's more like a tourist attraction everywhere in the world.

Thean Hou Temple

Don't believe? Ask the Christian Mich-the-babyBelle...

Mich with the temple's ceiling. (yeah, take note, CEILING)

There are basically 3 huge god statue here in the temple...

The main god, Tian Hao god
Count the lanternsMr. Out-of-shape-Buddha

While SauMing-the-5CentsMouth and I were concentrating on the prayer, Mich-the-babyBelle was busy occupied by picture taking and pretending to be a Buddhist...

I would say creativity brings a better life. While my mind was still set on those traditional way of shaking a bamboo cylinder till one of the fortune sticks fall out. It turns out that Thean Hou Temple provides a more convenient service...

Pretentious Mich was really trying hard
Looking familiar? Seen it in any BOLLYWOOD movies?

Being in this place, you can also have a close look at your own chinese horoscope.


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