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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Ox Penis when Ox Finished???

Yesterday, I went to a korean restaurant in Amcorp Mall to have dinner with Mich-the-BabyBelle and Lichard-the-OneWithL.

Nowadays, it's really common to hire a foreign worker from Vietnam/Indonesia to work in a hawker stall. But in a proper restaurant, I suppose it will more or less be slightly inappropriate to hire foreigners, right? Korean restaurant hiring korean workers is fine, cause it will give us a false impression that we are really dining in Korea. LIVING IN DENIAL, I would say.

What I can't accept is a KOREAN restaurant hiring a non-english speaking CHINESE from China to serve multi-racial Malaysians who can't even speak their own native language in a proper way. I'm not trying to be racist here, but as a waiter/waitress, language of the local is the most basic requirement, don't you think so?

So what happened was, Lichard was trying to order a menu set with Ox Tail Soup. Then, the Chinese waitress said...

"Low, low....Low Ox tell...Ox pinnis, Ox pinnis..."

Many would be scratching head now guessing what she meant?

It's ok if you can't catch what she was trying to say, cause it took us a long time too to figure out this...

"No...No more Ox Tail...Try Ox PENIS!"

New Korean food, huh?

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