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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Rocking Hard

My current company is just 2 doors away from Hard Rock Cafe, which makes it pretty convenient for us to have our lunch there. Still remember the last time I went to Hard Rock KL was when I was 16 years old. Couldn't believe that I could only drop by at this place after almost 8 years.

Hard Rock has always left a strong impression on me, cause the first time I went there was when my friend and I were going to watch Faye Wong's concert. We were only 16 and we took a bus all the way from Ipoh to come to KL. I never went to any Hard Rock since, cause the cute little me then, thought the food portion was too big for my small little stomach.

Then, I left Malaysia for Hungary. While I was there, my friend, JiunnLoong-the-FutureDoc (who was studying in Ukraine), asked if I have been to Hard Rock Budapest. Never did I realize there was one at that moment, but since JiunnLoong was very certain that there should be one (because he had seen many people wearing the typical Hard Rock t-shirt with Budapest word on the bottom), I tried to search one. I asked around, but no locals could give me an answer. Most have never even heard about it.

Till one day, the secret was revealed by itself. I was walking along VĂ¡ci utca (a popular tourist street in Budapest) and I found this in one of the souvenir shops...

There goes the non-existence Hard Rock Cafe, Budapest...

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