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Thursday, March 08, 2007

For the ladies

Today it's OUR day! The ladies, yuhooooo!! Guys? To the left, to the left...

Still remember last year when I was in Budapest celebrating this day. Everywhere was as though it was Valentine's Day. Every girls walking around with flowers in their hand telling you, today is the special day.

Please note that this is a day for all the girls in the world and not just those attached. So, being single or not, you should be able to enjoy the deluxe treatment from the guys.

Staying together with foreigners then, they told me how they would celebrate this day in their home country. I got so fascinated over all the sweet sweet stories telling things which guys would do for the girls.

But nothing beats how Malaysians celebrate this 'special' International Women's Day. Cause what we are doing during this day, we do it EVERYDAY.


Anyway, Happy International Valentine's Day to all the ladies out there who do celebrate it.

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