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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Conquering the north

See, 20th is the Hari Raya Korban, which is a public holiday, for the Muslims to kill goats and cows massively and donate to the poor.

Many non-Muslims are taking this holiday for granted as it's so near to the X'mas. By taking 21st and 24th off, you'll get a whole stretch of 6 days leave. How's that?

Lots of people have been asking what's my plan for the long X'mas holiday. Staying in one place seems to be wasting the holidays. Staying in 2 places doesn't seems to be good enough. And so, we've come out with a trip that covers some of the small towns at the north of the peninsula.

The reason why we are doing such a trip now, according to our organizer, George-the-WalkingGPS, is because...

  1. Fuel prices are set to increase in 2008 and subsidy may be abolished after 2009
  2. Toll may increase in 2008
  3. Prices of all essentials are rising, spending power is decreasing yearly
(This is what we call marketing skill)

This was our initial plan, targeting on the northern east coast...

PJ> Batu Gajah> Taiping> Butterworth> Alor Setar> Gua Kelam> Temenggor Lake> Kota Bharu> Kuala Terengganu> Kemaman> Home

Why east coast?

The reason being, most of us in the west coast knows nothing about the east. Though we've studied a lot during school days, I still have problem identifying the capital city of Pahang. Kuantan the capital of Kelantan? Arggh..crap!

But too bad, the flood in the east is getting serious and we have to alter our plan to...

PJ> Batu Gajah> Taiping> Butterworth> Alor Setar> Gua Kelam> Temenggor Lake> Gua Musang> Kuala Lipis> Raub> Bentong> Home

Only covering till the middle of Peninsula.

After realizing that there's nothing much to see from Gua Musang to Bentong, our final route is...

PJ> Batu Gajah> Taiping> Butterworth> Alor Setar> Gua Kelam> Gerik> Temenggor Lake> Gua Musang> Cameron Highlands> Home

Estimated Distance : 1,600 km
Duration : 5 days
Total Participants : 11 people
Total Cars : 3 - Ford Ranger, Honda Jazz and Proton Satria

I'll be back by X'mas eve and hopefully we'll have another party for countdown when we're back.


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