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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Eye on Malaysia for the second time

If you have been following my blog since early this year, you might remember a post I wrote about the Eye on Malaysia when I first visited the place. It's been almost a year and the Eye would be dismantled pretty soon. As the Eye will only be opened publicly till Dec 31st, some of us who has not been there proposed to pay the last visit to this memorable Ferris Wheel.

On a friday night after work, Nov 16th, we decided to carry out the excursion to the Eye despite the crazy jam and the long journey from PJ.

We first stopped by at a restaurant in Sentul to fill our stomach after the jam. The food there was great, but I'm too lazy to write about it. You can go here and here to find out more about this famous place.

Other than the food, there's one thing that I need to comment about the restaurant...the writings.

Look at the bill...

Man, it looks like some sort of unreadable script more than Chinese writings.

After refilling our energy with the food, we continue to the Eye which was just 15 minutes distance away.

The place was no longer as crowded as the first time I went. So, you would feel pretty comfort walking around the lake.

The night view of the surrounding was so nice...

Of course not forgetting the pretty Eye watching you all the time.

No malfunctioned light on the gondola this time, in fact, the light was multi-colored rotating every 1 second. Should I say bravo to the people in charged? Erm....Thank God, might be more suitable, though.

Every night at 9pm, there will be laser show showing just beside the Eye.

The simple ones...

The video type...

The 3D shape...

To get all these effects, there was a device in front of the laser which sprinkles tiny tiny water drops in all directions from the water level to create a screen-like feature for the laser.

Found some videos from youtube about the laser show...

So you haven't been there either? You have only 1 month left, my friend. Go!

Get to know more about the Eye on Malaysia here.

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