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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Day 3: Alor Setar - Kangar - Gerik

Date : 22nd Dec, 2007

Day 3 of our trip, which was 2007-12-22, was the Dong Zhi (aka Winter Solstice Festival). Being in Alor Setar at this day might be a bit hard to find Tang Yuen. But we still tried to search for it later of the day.

Our first meal was not Tang Yuen, of course. We went to the Bak Kut Teh restaurant just below our motel for breakfast. Being in a place surrounded by paddy field, having rice as breakfast seems to be quite common. Just an extra piece of information, that restaurant was owned by the same owner of our motel.

Being Christian, you might need to pray before having your food. Participating in our trip, you need to wait till everyone to finish taking picture of every freaking dishes before you can start consuming it.

After having a heavy breakfast, we walked (with car) around the city to enjoy the day view of Alor Setar and stopped by at the Alor Setar tower to satisfy our photographers' hunger.

Before leaving Alor Setar, we visited one of the biggest mall in town, Star Parade, for some grocery shopping. We were told that there was a popular dessert restaurant in the mall, called Wah Tua Guan. Thinking that it was the Dong Zhi, we went to the restaurant hoping to get ourselves some Tang Yuen, but to no avail. Still, we got ourselves laksa and some other desserts and snacks available.

Leaving Alor Setar town center, we headed to the compulsory tourist place in this Rice Bowl State, the National Rice Museum.

The ground floor of the museum exhibit huge circular murals in every wings of the hall.

By taking a spiral staircase in the middle of the hall up to the next level, you'll get another massive mural surrounding the whole hall giving you the scenery as if you were standing on top of Gunung Keriang. The best part is, you don't have to move an inch to enjoy the whole mural. By just standing still, the revolving platform will bring you 360 degree giving you the view of different angle from Gunung Keriang.

The basement of the museum is where the real museum is located, describing more details about paddy field with tools being used.

After being loaded with the basic information of paddy, it was time to experience the real paddy field. Everyone as if was born to be a model trying to pose with different style in front of the camera, when standing on the green green grass of paddy field. Even the hot burning sunny sunshine wouldn't be able to cease us.

As we have spent too much time on the paddy field that we had to cancel our plan to go to Gua Kelam, Perlis. But since we were already up north in Kedah, might as well step our foot into the Perlis land before head down. Many of us has never been to Perlis, it was like 'die die also wanna go Perlis once'. And so, we ended up spending some time in Kangar, Perlis just to have food. Now, I can kiasuly tell people, "I've been to Perlis!". Yet another been there, done that?

Before the sun sets, we had to rush to Gerik because the road to that area could be quite dangerous in the night time. But still, we reached the destination after 10pm and had our last meal of the day at Restaurant 113.

Tomorrow will be another long journey and today ended with no Tang Yuan on this DongZhi day.

[To be continued...]

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