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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Day 1: PJ - Kampar - Batu Gajah - Taiping

Date : 20th Dec, 2007

Finally the long awaited day has arrived. At 8am Dec 20th, everyone arrived at the starting point, Micol-the-ProPhotographer's house, and started warming up for the rousing expedition to come.

Briefing was given by George-the-WalkingGPS about the plan of the first day. Sounds pro, huh? But this was only done once during the whole trip while everyone was still enthusiastic to start the engine.

The first destination was Kampar, which was about 1.5 hour away from PJ. Upon arriving at Kampar, we went to Yau Kee Restaurant to taste the famous Curry Chicken Bread and their not so recommended dim sum.

Straight after the Curry Chicken Bread, we walked to CB shop which sells famous Kampar's Chicken Biscuit. We left the shop empty handed. Some say the packaging was not appetizing enough to buy, but I say it's too early to buy such a thing which meant to be bought as a souvenir.

Then we headed to the wet market for food AGAIN! Yeah, you read it right. We just had the Chicken Bread stuffed in our stomach, and we need to load with yet some other delicacies. One of the famous food you can find in this place is the Fried Koay Teow which was fried by an uncle while sitting. It's famous, but it's no longer taste as good. Probably that was not the same sitting uncle I used to buy from.

We left Kampar with glutted stomach and proceeded to Batu Gajah which was half an hour away. What could we find in Batu Gajah? - Assam Laksa Pan Mee. Sounds unique, doesn't it? It's a place I suppose only locals would know because it's quite secluded from the town center.

After having food after food, we finally got to do something non-food related, which was cam-whoring at the Kellie's Castle. The entrance fee was RM4/person.

There's a tree next to the castle that resembles a bear head

After taking photo from every corner of the castle, we move on to the next stop, Taiping, and had another session of food at the Larut Matang food court.

Taiping's Furama Hotel

After checking in to our Furama Hotel, we went for our first seafood dinner at Matang, which was located somewhere outskirt of Taiping. The food here taste tasteless, or rather I should say healthy?

The looks of hungry people, even after 4 meals for the day

We then went to another night market to have some snacks and purchase lots of fruits. Nothing special to be mentioned here.

Alright, by this time, I'm pretty sure I have sounded really crazy craving for food at all times. But just this last one...Taiping PAU!! It seems to be quite famous, but I didn't really find it delightful.

What was impressive was when the pau was fresh baked and it was so soft that you can eat it in a bite.

I mean, ONE bite!

Please do not try that at home.

[To be continued...]

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