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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

In between 3 cities

Just a brief update cause some people is wondering why am I missing for almost a week in MSN...

Last Thursday, I flew to Kuching to attend the Rainforest World Music Festival in Santubong. The Festival started on Friday but we arrived a day earlier to walk around at the town. Unfortunately, it was not a pleasant walk as I was called by my company on the same day to attend a training in Singapore on Tuesday. Half of the day was pretty stressed up trying to bring forward my flight back to KL.

I rushed back to KL on Monday evening (was supposed to stay in Kuching till night), and took the last coach that arrived at Singapore after midnight.

Travelling was tiring enough, and I've been sleeping late for the past 1 week. I'm dying in the training class here.

Will be back to KL on Thursday midnight as I need to attend a client on Friday morning. Another exhausting day it will be.

I'm so going to stay at home most of the time this weekend to regain my strength, I hope.

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