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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Call Me, Baby...

Heard of this song?...

If you have called my cell before, I'm sure this song sounds pretty familiar to you. Yes, that's my caller ringtone since I've purchased my current number. That was since I came back from Hungary, in November 2007! The fact that not many people in Malaysia would purchase a Spanish ringtone, and not to mention how catchy the tune of the song, people could easily remember my ringtone.

Some people who called once in a blue moon would ask me the same question when they realized I've not changed my ringtone for the past few years. "Hey, still the same song? When are you going to change you ringtone?"

I love the song so much that I was reluctant to change it. So much so that I even set it as my ringing tone on my own phone (before I changed to my current Diamond).

The first time I heard this song was when I was partying in Budapest. The song was a great hit back then that all the DJs from any R&B clubs will spin the song every single night. No matter how bored or tired I am, this song will bring my feet on the dance floor and shake like there's no tomorrow. No kidding.

The song lost it's popularity when I'm back here in Malaysia. On and off, you will still be able hear the song played over the local radio station. But not many people seems to know the song, and so, I tried to promote (no one is paying me) the song by setting it as my caller ringtone. Now everyone will think of me when they hear this song.

Time flies, and I realized the song has been there for too long. Occassionally, I will search for some nice ringtone from the Maxis site, but no 1 song is good enough to replace my Juanes, until recently.

When I tried to set the new ringtone, I realized that they have changed the new system 3 years ago, while I am still with the old system.

I've been paying RM3 every month, and that's an extra RM1 for 21 months!

Why the freaking Maxis can't just automatically upgrade our service or at the least, SMS us about the new service with their own SMS service, for god sake. Instead, every month without fail, I'm receiving an SMS informing me that RM3 is charged as my Caller Ringtone monthly subscription. Merde!

Anyways, YES, I've finally purchased a new ringtone and it's playing perfectly when people called me.

Wanna know what ringtone I've set? Call me, baby.

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