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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Chinese Pearl of the Orient (Part 1)

Date : 17th June, 2009

I think I'm done with the local road trips. Now it's time to take a plane!

..and I flew for almost 4 hours to reach here...

Well, yeah, I know this picture might not show the famous landmark of the place I was. But I guess it can be used to test how much you've watched Hong Kong series/movies all these years. I mean, seriously, that arrow thingy over there, that's what cars usually bang into during car accident, no?

I was glad and lucky enough to have Lewis-the-LuLuNee coming over to pick me up from the airport and brought me to his apartment.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw his apartment. The apartment was really unbelievably........unbelievable!

Huge facade, full length glass entrance, lady 'security guard' standing at an office-style reception counter, LCD TV while you are waiting for the lift at the lobby, air-conditioned lobby and corridor, sofa and carpet in the lobby....Is this really an apartment?

...and it's not even considered as a luxurious apartment in Hong Kong!

I then took the lift and shoot up to a level so high I could feel the pressure in my ears.

After putting my luggage into the apartment, the couple brought me to a dessert place partially owned by a I-cant-remember-who-Radio-DJ and ordered 芒果西米撈 (trans: Mango and Sago Delight)...

I've never seen much of Hong Kong, but it was already time to go home and rest while watching 翡翠台 (trans: Jade).

Oh, I can't wait to swipe my Octopus card tomorrow. Swipe swipe swipe!

[To be continued...]

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