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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

The first Mentoring Date with sucks food

I had a date with my mentor the other day and it was my first date after 7.5 months with the company.

Just in case you are curious on this matter, mentor in this company kinda function differently from others. I had a mentor in my previous company and his main role is to teach/guide me in the work I'm doing. Here, mentor is not exactly dealing with only work related issues, but also to take care of your everything including your personal affairs. This is because, the company cares about your career development as well as personal well being. (obviously I copied this statement from the company's statement)

To achieve that, the company provided budget of RM1,500 for all mentors each year to mingle around with their mentees through casual lunch/dinner. 1 mentor would have around 4 mentees to share the budget.

My mentor cum my direct superior is a super busy guy and he has been making empty promises for the 'meal' we were suppose to have for months! And I heard no other mentees had ever managed to enjoy the free meal.

When he finally could find time for it, I showed no mercy. RM1,500 budget is mine!

It wasn't easy to pretend being polite while trying to squeeze the most out of the fund.

Below is roughly what we have discussed through the msn...

Me:KL Shangri-La?
Me:No la...Kidding. Not into buffet tonight.
Mentor:I'm easy man...why don't you tell me your preference and i'll see how i can accomodate :) :)
Me:Garden's Yuzu serves very nice jap food...very expensive though (trying to act considerate)
Mentor:Normal la..tired before liao
Me:hmm....and someone told me he's an easy man.
so hard to satisfy
Mentor:but i'm fine with that if you're ok for it actually ;)
Me:ok..let's go KL TOWER!
Mentor:bad choice dear
KL tower has got very bad food..
it's only for the view
Me:It's ok...I haven't been.

and so we went...

I almost got heart attack when I first saw the menu. Looking at the ala carte list, EVERYTHING cost RM140++. Set dinner was RM150++. Buffet was around the same price. I seriously hope this has got to be good after ordering the set dinner.

Alas, it was the worst food I ever had. Even the soup tasted awfully salty.

After this night, I could conclude that KL Tower's Revolving Restaurant is only good for the view.


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