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Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Tea Land

I think my blog is turning into a travel blog pretty soon as I've been traveling extensively for the past few months.

One reason being that I had to be the tourist guide for my far away friends who came to visit me, Marton-the-Carrot and Zsombor-the-ComputerForever. During their final week in Malaysia, I brought them back to the White Coffee land, Ipoh, and one of the popular spot for foreigners, Cameron Highland.

Lucky to have Brandon-the-Designer who was nice enough to be our driver up the hill.

We went to Cameron for 2 days, from 20th August till 21st, and we stayed at the place that I stayed during my last trip, Country Lodge Resort. It was RM200 for a 1-room suite, quite reasonable since it was coincidentally the school holiday week.

My mom and bro came visiting us for a day and enjoyed the tea at the Boh Plantation where they have an extremely scenic cafe and a factory showing the steps how tea is processed.

For dinner, we had steamboat in one of the restaurants where they prepare authentic organic vegetables introduced by a local friend...

We walked around Pasar Malam just next to the resort after dinner and brought home some strawberries as supper...

The next day, we did some tourist stuff like visiting all the different farms and for the first time, I visited the Time Tunnel Museum and cam-whore around all the displays.

I think I'm pretty good in acting blur and surprised, no?

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